Our Why

Our Core Purpose defines precisely WHY we do what we do. Namely, to renew the lives of everyone who crosses paths with us from our customers to our team members to our vendors and investors.

Our Core Values define precisely HOW we do what we do. Namely, wow our customers, own problems, grown ourselves, put others first, and do the right thing no matter the cost.


We Exist to Renew You


We are passionate about being the kind of business that refreshes and renews our customers with:

  • Trustworthy products vetted by healthcare practitioners
  • Easy-to-use websites and order processes
  • Generous warranties and return policies
  • A US-based Customer Care team that answers the phone and has the authority to take action

We aim to be the business that leaves our customer saying, “I didn’t know anyone still does business like that.”


We strive to create a genuine culture and collaborative work environment where our team members can thrive through:

  • The development of MASTERY, AUTONOMY, and PURPOSE in every role
  • Implementation of EOS for clear communication of goals, financial performance, KPI tracking, and more
  • Company-wide bonus plans and fair-market benefits packages 

We aim to be the business that leaves our associates saying, “I can’t believe I get to work here.”


We are committed to being the kind of business other businesses want to do business with through:

  • Clear communication of expectations
  • Honoring all contractual obligations
  • Paying our partners on time
  • Honoring and respecting those who help us achieve our goals as allies and true business partners

We aim to be the business that leaves our partners saying, “If every customer was like them my job would be a dream.”


#1 Wowzers

We value those with a deep commitment to customer care. We are always thinking about the customer. We are obsessed with our customers. We are obsessed with the customer experience. We want it to be great today, and we want it to be even better tomorrow. We want to become legendary for our service. We impress our customers past the point of them saying “Wow”, we impress them to the point of saying “Wowzers.” The customer comes first; everything else is secondary. In a Word: Service. Quality. Transparency. Humility. Empathy. Frictionless. Legendary. World Class.

#2 FOF It

“Find It.  Own It.  Finish It.” We value those with a “can do” attitude. We always find a way. Rather than simply identifying and discussing the problem, we develop the answer. We are bulldogs when it comes to problems. We follow through with the solution to the bitter end.  We own it. We don’t pass the buck. We accept (and want) personal responsibility. We always find a way. In a Word: Perseverance. Problem-solving. Persistence. Relentless. Responsibility. Finish. Complete. Answer. Ownership.

#3 Renew & Grow

We value those who put a high value on personal and professional growth. We are not satisfied with where we are; we want to get better.  We constantly look for ways to grow and improve. We want to grow and improve our skill set. We want more authority and responsibility. We independently seek ways to grow our knowledge base and become more important to the organization. We read, participate in online seminars, and attend local continuing education events. In a Word: Initiative. Responsibility. Invest. Learn. Expand. Advance.

#4 U1 Me2

You first, me second. We value those who treat others well. We treat our co-workers with respect and honor, as one would a beloved family member. We are a big family. If one is hurting, we are all hurting. If one is doing well, we all celebrate. This family attitude spills over into the way we treat our customers and our suppliers/vendors. We put others first.  In a Word: Love. Honor. Respect. Humility. Cooperation. Transparency. Selflessness. Teamwork.

#5 Do Right

We value those Associates who want to do the Right thing and do the thing Right. It is more than just being confronted between two choices…Right and wrong. Of course we want to choose Right instead of wrong. But it is more than that. We do the Right thing even when no one would ever know. We do the Right thing when no one is looking. When faced with Good, Better, and Best; we choose Best, no matter what the cost. We do things the Right way the first time versus doing it halfway and then having to go back and do it over. We also follow The Golden Rule. It’s about treating each other Right. Especially our customers and our suppliers/vendors. And our Associates, our Investors, and our Board of Directors. In a Word: Character.  Integrity. Accuracy. Completeness. Quality. Thoroughness.